pcsc-lite  1.8.20
Data Fields

structure used with FEATURE_MODIFY_PIN_DIRECT More...

#include <reader.h>

Data Fields

uint8_t bTimerOut
 timeout is seconds (00 means use default timeout)
uint8_t bTimerOut2
 timeout in seconds after first key stroke
uint8_t bmFormatString
 formatting options
uint8_t bmPINBlockString
 bits 7-4 bit size of PIN length in APDU, bits 3-0 PIN block size in bytes after justification and formatting
uint8_t bmPINLengthFormat
 bits 7-5 RFU, bit 4 set if system units are bytes, clear if system units are bits, bits 3-0 PIN length position in system units
uint8_t bInsertionOffsetOld
 Insertion position offset in bytes for the current PIN.
uint8_t bInsertionOffsetNew
 Insertion position offset in bytes for the new PIN.
uint16_t wPINMaxExtraDigit
 0xXXYY where XX is minimum PIN size in digits, and YY is maximum PIN size in digits
uint8_t bConfirmPIN
 Flags governing need for confirmation of new PIN.
uint8_t bEntryValidationCondition
 Conditions under which PIN entry should be considered complete.
uint8_t bNumberMessage
 Number of messages to display for PIN verification.
uint16_t wLangId
 Language for messages.
uint8_t bMsgIndex1
 index of 1st prompting message
uint8_t bMsgIndex2
 index of 2d prompting message
uint8_t bMsgIndex3
 index of 3d prompting message
uint8_t bTeoPrologue [3]
 T=1 block prologue field to use (fill with 00)
uint32_t ulDataLength
 length of Data to be sent to the ICC
uint8_t abData [0]
 Data to send to the ICC.

Detailed Description

structure used with FEATURE_MODIFY_PIN_DIRECT

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