pcsc-lite  1.8.20
Data Fields
ReaderContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

char * library
 Library Path.
char * device
 Device Name.
pthread_t pthThread
 Event polling thread.
RESPONSECODE(* pthCardEvent )(DWORD, int)
 Card Event sync.
pthread_mutex_t * mMutex
 Mutex for this connection.
list_t handlesList
pthread_mutex_t handlesList_lock
 lock for the above list More...
union {
   FCT_MAP_V2   psFunctions_v2
 API V2.0.
   FCT_MAP_V3   psFunctions_v3
 API V3.0.
 driver functions
LPVOID vHandle
 Dlopen handle.
int version
 IFD Handler version number.
int port
 Port ID.
int slot
 Current Reader Slot.
volatile SCARDHANDLE hLockId
 Lock Id.
int LockCount
 number of recursive locks
int32_t contexts
 Number of open contexts.
int * pFeeds
 Number of shared client to lib.
int * pMutex
 Number of client to mutex.
int powerState
 auto power off state
pthread_mutex_t powerState_lock
 powerState mutex
int reference
 number of users of the structure
pthread_mutex_t reference_lock
 reference mutex
struct pubReaderStatesListreaderState
 link to the reader state

Detailed Description

Definition at line 106 of file readerfactory.h.

Field Documentation

◆ handlesList_lock

pthread_mutex_t handlesList_lock

lock for the above list

Structure of connected handles

Definition at line 114 of file readerfactory.h.

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